Happy birthday ! Normally I'd try to write a cheerful, long-winded, and even sarcastic message wishing you a happy year ahead and a forgettable 24h celebratory drinking spree... but, given the world ending, global pandemonium state of things I thought perhaps I should try to be a bit more serious this year. For example, I could probably tell you how thankful I am to have you in the Brits-cult or lament about never seeing you. But instead, I'm going to give you some life-saving advice, so I can compliment you later,  1.  Take this opportunity to make the circle smaller. The coronavirus is the perfect excuse to not invite those annoying friends you've been trying to ghost to your party.   2.  There has been no medical study conclusively demonstrating that ingesting copious amounts of alcohol won't kill the virus from the inside.    Party responsibly !

-- The Littlest Brits